Osteopath- Philip Ashcroft

Covent Garden, Soho, Westminster, Marylebone, Liverpool Street, Brentwood

Testimonials for Philip Ashcroft

Reviews and testimonials for Philip Ashcroft, Osteopath


“Dear fellow Aussies, if that ‘last plane out of Sydney’ has done a number on the spine, head straight to the rooms of master osteo Phil Ashcroft. I first met Phil in the UK, and then he rocked with Chisel across Australia on our 2020 Blood Moon Tour. I normally reserve ‘great hands’ for very good drummers. Let me assure; Phil will ease you back into shape in time and on time and in no time you’ll stand tall and be fit for the office or that trek around Europe.”
Ian Moss, Cold Chisel


“I met Philip in 2011 with a recurrence of a neck injury. He saves my neck on a regular basis! His treatment is always extremely effective in diagnosing the problem but also leaving me feel rebalanced and pain free. I have referred my artists to Philip. Recently one of my artists came off stage at the interval of a major concert in London in agony with back pain. My immediate instinct was to call Philip. To our very good fortune he was dining nearby and left to come and help us. Within minutes our osteopath was backstage and the artist in question was able to complete the show. Philip is a world class professional. I feel very fortunate to know him and to be able to turn to him for help.”
Tom Croxon, Artist Manager and Concert Producer


“An osteopath with great skills, a master of laughing therapy, and an understanding for the body and soul of artists. He has always helped me in the shortest possible time.”
Thomas Brezina, Children’s book author


“ I was so lucky to find Phil during my dancing contract in the West End. I had various neck and back injuries during this time as a performer in a highly energetic Latin ballroom show, performing eight shows across six days, which really took a toll on my body. I found Phil to be a very friendly, highly skilled, professional and sympathetic practitioner. Phil always found my underlying problems and left me walking out feeling as though I had a new body.” 
Faye Huddleston, Burn the Floor – Ballroom to Broadway


“Phil has been my osteopath since 2008 and during that time I have come to value his speed of response and his expertise in resolving some very painful situations. He is always accurate in his assessment of the condition and how long it may last. He also provides advice for rehabilitation of the injury at home. I cannot recommend Phil highly enough.”
Frank Bandura, Founder of Walpole Advisory LLP, FD & CFO Carluccio’s (1999-2016)


“At the end of 2013 I had a recurrence of an old neck problem. A quick Google search turned up Philip, very near me in Covent Garden, which was helpful. What was even more helpful was/is the fact that Philip will always go the extra mile in trying to fit you in, around complex schedules for almost everyone who works in Covent Garden. Philip is personable and fun, and there is always a cup of tea waiting for you in his treatment room – unique in my experience. He is an excellent osteopath, and also makes me laugh – another sort of cure. I can’t recommend him too highly.”
Rev’d Simon Grigg, Rector of St. Paul’s Church, Covent Garden.