Osteopath- Philip Ashcroft

Covent Garden, Soho, Westminster, Marylebone, Liverpool Street, Brentwood

Practitioner Profile – Philip Ashcroft – Registered osteopath

  • B. Ost (British School of Osteopathy- 2006) 
  • Senior Clinic Tutor and final year examiner at The College of Osteopaths
  • B.A (Hons) French & Law, PGCE

Philip Ashcroft, a very popular and highly respected central London osteopath, established Osteopath Covent Garden in 2008 and is most known as an osteopath on the music scene and in political circles. His primary passion is Australian rock music, and he has been extremely fortunate to travel with some of his idols on UK and Australian tours. Through his osteopathic evaluation of singers and musicians, he has an eye for the common problems that they experience such as neck pain and dysfunction of the shoulder, wrist and hand. Many a concert tour ‘roadie’ can vouch for his assessment and treatment of low back pain and sciatica. His other professional interest is migraine, and the differentiation with headache. Philip delivered a low back pain and sciatica treatment programme for the NHS in Essex (2008-2012) and in Richmond upon Thames (2014-2015)