Osteopath- Philip Ashcroft

Covent Garden, Soho, Westminster, Marylebone, Liverpool Street, Brentwood

Physiotherapist & Chiropractor

Are you considering a visit to an osteopath for your general health, neck and shoulder pain, back pain, headaches? How should one decide between making an appointment with an osteopath, chiropractor, physiotherapist, masseur, or arranging a consultation with one’s GP?

Word of mouth recommendation is by far your safest means of selecting a practitioner. Ask your friends and colleagues whom they use! Speak to your health insurer for a registered osteopath in your areas of Barbican, Moorgate, Liverpool Street, Covent Garden, The Strand, Leicester Square, Holborn and Chancery Lane.

There is huge overlap between the professions of osteopathy, chiropractic and physiotherapy. The real likelihood is that the patient would receive a similar experience, whoever they chose to see, and hopefully an equally successful outcome. There are some extremely talented masseurs, whilst osteopaths train in advanced massage techniques for four years and massage often features hugely in an osteopathic treatment.

N.B. High Velocity Thrust techniques (“cracking” of joints) require much expertise and are not commonly practised by physiotherapists, unless they have completed postgraduate training. No practitioner shall attempt such a technique without proper explanation to the patient and without obtaining their consent.