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Healthcare Insurance

We are authorised providers for many UK healthcare insurers- such as CIGNA, AVIVA, BUPA and AXA. Both your policy number and an authorisation code for treatment should be obtained and communicated to us prior to your appointment.

For some insurance policies and those using a medical cash plan, payment is taken in advance of appointment and a receipt provided. Often (but not always) a patient will be able to use this receipt to claim back the full fee, at the discretion of your insurer. Please consult with your insurer before booking an appointment.

When initially booking an appointment and before the appointment is confirmed, you must inform us that you are to use a healthcare insurance policy.

PLEASE NOTE: it is the responsibility of the patient to be aware of any excess they may have on their policy, and to settle the amount owed directly with the practitioner once notified to do so by either their insurer or the practitioner.

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